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Tear Gas Cleanup Services in Texas

Cities, police officers, and sheriffs deputies are unfortunately not responsible for the cleanup of tear gas in a residence or business once it has been deployed, nor would they have the proper tools and equipment to remove the tear gas residue. That’s where Steri-Clean Texas can come in to help; we take over where you left off. We know that residue from teargas can be especially difficult to clean as it gets into everything, even tiny void spaces in your home or business. This is why hiring a professional tear gas cleanup service is important.


It’s not uncommon for law enforcement personnel to use tear gas to neutralize a chaotic situation. The chemicals found within tear gas (OC, CN, or CS), are not lethal, but they do contain a fair amount of contaminants. When these pollutants run rampant, they pose serious health risks. What’s more, these elements can cause irreparable damage to your home. In the hopes of avoiding these unfavorable circumstances, it’s in your best interest to hire a professional tear gas cleanup service.


The Adverse Effects Of Tear Gas Residue


As tear gas residue permeates the air, those in its presence are liable to feel the severe effects of its power. While crying is the most common side effect, vomiting and difficulty breathing can occur as well. Removing all traces of the gas is the only surefire way to restore healthy conditions. Tear gas removal always requires special knowledge, training and well as the right equipment to ensure that the removal is done effectively.


Tear Gas Cleanup Service: The Steri-Clean Texas Approach


We are meticulous when it comes to tear gas removal; before cleaning, we conduct a thorough examination of the exposed area. Before the cleaning begins, we conduct a thorough examination. This phase of the process is critical and helps us identify which areas need the most attention. What’s more, tear gas can seep into inconspicuous places, making it all the more important to perform an in-depth evaluation.


From there, we start cleaning and deodorizing the contaminated areas. As an attempt to keep physical irritation at bay, we wear the appropriate respiratory protection and other personal protective gear. Using our state-of-the-art technology and ear gas neutralizing solutions, we effectively eliminate all tear gas residue. If your home has been exposed to tear gas, employ our professional tear gas cleanup services. Our commitment to client satisfaction and industry excellence promises a streamlined experience.


A Sensitive Cleanup Provider


Most importantly, we regard your emotional needs with paramount importance. We understand how unsettling the aftermath of a tragedy can be. In the hopes of making you feel comfortable and protected, we offer a kind and caring approach. Your cares and concerns remain at the focal point of our operations. What’s more, we align our interests with yours. As a result, we move at a pace that you’re happy with. When you make us your go-to tear gas cleanup service, rest assured that your wants and needs never fall by the wayside.


Give Us A Call Today

At Steri-Clean Texas, we provide professional and dependable services that get results. The ins and outs of our trade are no doubt complex, but with our expertise, we make it look easy. Our practices are second to none, and our extensive know-how makes us equipped to address all cleanup needs. Save yourself the hassle, and contact us today. Our call center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 1-888-577-7206 

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