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Homeless Camp Cleanup in Texas

Many agencies and organizations are working together to help homeless people throughout Texas. Economic issues, personal issues, and natural disasters have left many people homeless. Today, homeless encampments are scattered throughout the city in unauthorized areas. It is common to find these encampments near homes, businesses and government buildings. As an industry leader in biohazard cleanup, Steri-Clean can provide a safe cleanup of homeless encampments of any size on your property.

Why Cleanup of Homeless Encampments Is Important


Since homeless encampments do not have proper restroom facilities, there are sanitation issues to consider. If a homeless encampment grows significantly, it can bring more problems. There may be illegal drug paraphernalia, alcohol, fights, and illegal activities. Also, homeless encampments can deter your customers if you are a business owner. When homeless camps are left to grow, they can discourage people from buying properties in close proximity.


How We Handle Homeless Encampment Cleanup in Texas


When banks, cities, counties or businesses hire us to clear out homeless encampments, some wait until there is a serious problem. For example, multiple dwellers of the encampment may be approaching the customers of a bank and making them uncomfortable. If you are the owner of that bank, you may have good intentions by not removing it and giving the people a place to stay. However, their behavior could hurt your business . We realize that cleaning up encampments may seem like a difficult step, which is why we handle the process in a humane and courteous manner.


Our skilled team members have been cleaning homeless encampments and other biohazard sites since 1995. We understand that homeless people have limited possessions, which is why we provide notice to the dwellers before we clear away personal belongings. While most people will move their belongings to avoid having them discarded, we will properly and safely dispose of anything that is left on the premises.


After the belongings have been cleared away, we remove trash and waste. In some cases, poor sanitation practices may lead to a rodent infestation. If there is evidence of rodents, we also provide a thorough cleanup of that issue. Our professionals know how to remove most stains, residue, and types of debris. We carefully clean and sanitize the area. Our goal is to make the property safer for you and anyone else who enters it.


Why You Need a Professional for Cleaning Homeless Encampments


Cleaning an area that is full of trash and waste is not a safe "do-it-yourself" type of job. Proper disposal of waste is essential to avoid illness risks and sharp objects. We understand that choosing to have an encampment removed can be distressing for the property owner and the individuals who are camping there. There are resources and shelters in the area that encourage healthier solutions for homeless individuals. When homeless people use shelters, they have better access to restrooms, food and other necessities. We are also sensitive to the needs of people with mental illnesses, and we treat each homeless individual with the respect and care that all humans deserve.


If you are looking for homeless encampment cleanup in Texas, our professionals are here to help. We welcome you to contact us with any questions or for a free estimate for our services. Let our trained professionals handle the hard work for you and leave you with the peace of mind and clean environment that you deserve. 


Effective and Quick Homeless Camp Cleanup: Call Steri-Clean Texas Today! Our call center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 1-888-577-7206 

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