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Animal Waste Cleanup - Steri-Clean Texas

Understanding Animal Waste Cleanup


Pets can soil the carpet or walls inside a home and we understand that the resulting damage can be extremely problematic. Animal waste can also refer to animals that have passed away. This can happen when animals hide in small spaces within the home. When they pass away, their remains must be handled safely and respectfully.


Animal Cleanup Help for Dogs & Cats


Even the best trained dog can have an accident every now and then, but when the accident isn’t cleaned immediately it can cause lasting damage. Urine or feces can soak into the carpet, right through the padding and into the subflooring. If the underlying padding has been soaked and the subflooring is wooden it can cause stains and long-lasting odors. This type of situation often calls for replacing the subflooring. In some cases, simply cleaning, disinfecting, and sealing the wood can stop any stains and get rid of the odor. 


If you are in need of professional animal cleanup help in Texas,
Steri-Clean can help.


One of the hardest animal odors to clean up is cat urine. Although cats don’t urinate as frequently as dogs, their urine has a much greater impact on a home. This is because cat urine is different when compared to many other types of animal urine. Simply put, cat urine is highly concentrated due to the cat’s body absorbing greater amounts of water to maintain hydration. The resulting urine can wreak havoc on a home when the animal doesn’t use a litter box.  As experienced professionals with years of experience, we understand the nature of animal waste and we make sure the job is done right!


To find the root source of the problem, a thorough examination of the area impacted can determine the extent of the damage and how best to clean it. Steri-Clean Texas has the right tools to get rid of the problem by deep penetration of the affected trouble spots that result in a fresh, clean, odor-free home.

The Importance of Professional Help

Steri-Clean has ample experience in Texas. Since 1995, Steri-Clean has provided a range of biohazard services for homes and businesses. Steri-Clean understands how difficult many of these situations can be, which is why we approach each job with sensitivity and integrity. Therefore, if animal waste is a problem you need to be addressed, please let us help. We will assess the issue and come up with a safe and efficient cleaning solution. With Steri-Clean, your property will be safe and livable again.


Contact Steri-Clean Texas today! 1-888-577-7206

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