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Government Cleanup Services Texas

Cleaning government facilities can be complex due to the unique interests of the parties involved and the potentially sensitive nature of the working environment. Steri-Clean specializes in providing extreme cleaning services to government facilities in Texas while accounting for the unique needs of public clients. We work with you to develop a customized solution that gets the job done right, and keep your staff and citizens safe. Our specialty cleaning services for police and government agencies include:


  • Police Car/Emergency Vehicle Cleaning/Sanitizing

  • Jail Cell Cleaning of Biohazards

  • Evidence Lockers/Drying Cabinet Decontamination

  • Traffic Accident/Exterior Blood Cleanup

  • Emergency Shelter Cleaning & Decontamination

  • Biohazardous Waste Pickup and Disposal

  • Evidence Disposal (After Trial)

  • Personalized Services

We Clean Government Facilities Right


As a U.S. company, owned by a retired firefighter/Captain,  we have a vested interest in seeing that government resources are spent in the best way possible. Our offices in Texas provide unique cleaning strategies for large government office spaces, high-traffic buildings, and facilities designed to serve the general public. We understand that all spaces are not the same, so we will work with you to develop a cleaning plan that is appropriate for the given situation.


Starting off with a customized plan can save significant resources by not cleaning spaces that are hardly used. At the same time, your stakeholders will benefit from having a building that is thoroughly cleaned in the spaces that really count. For instance, we might determine that it is appropriate to clean on a weekly basis a bathroom that is barely used. However, our team might also be available on a flexible basis to come out on the same day if you find a big mess in your bathroom.


Cleaning Services Designed for Government


We can provide documentation to demonstrate the efficient use of resources so that taxpayers will feel satisfied that you are making good decisions. Our team will leave your facilities spotless, so you can depend on your team members and the general public feeling satisfied with the services that we provide. When your constituents are impressed with your clean facilities, you can count on them perceiving you and your team as highly capable of managing public resources.


Steri-Clean can work independently to take full control of your sanitation needs or work with your existing team to add value where extra hands are needed. We have team members from diverse backgrounds in specialized areas that can be the perfect match for your needs. Some of our team members formerly worked for government agencies or the military. When our team members understand the nuances of working for governments, they can complete jobs in ways that match your needs at every touchpoint.


Cleaning Services


We strive to provide the government cleaning services Texas taxpayers and other stakeholders expect. In particular, we are able to do a better job than general providers because our team members are regularly exposed to some of the latest cleaning techniques. As with all areas of the modern world, new technologies are constantly emerging in the cleaning industry to improve the quality of cleaning jobs while achieving results in fewer labor hours. Our team works hard to stay abreast of the latest technologies to keep your facility looking as spotless and as safe as humanly possible.


When providing government services assistance, Steri-Clean understands that complying with regulations is usually of high importance. Our government services assistance is premised on a strong understanding of relevant local, state, and federal laws that apply to government organizations in Texas. We have learned most of the relevant laws from working with other clients, and we can bring this expertise into your department to deliver better results in creative ways. Therefore, our team can provide the government cleaning services Houston needs with minimal switching and training costs.


Get the Quality Results You Deserve


Our team is proud of the fact that our cleaning services for government agencies in Texas have helped to keep our state cleaner, safer, and in better shape. The expertise that we provide can help your department in the same way while saving taxpayers significant amounts of money. Our team can start resolving your issues in as little as one business day. Reach out to Steri-Clean today to start putting sanitation issues in the past.

Call 1-888-577-7206. Our call center is open 24 hours a day. 365 days a year. 

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