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Suicide Cleanup Services in Texas

Death of someone you love is hard enough without having to think about cleaning up the aftermath. Seeing where they died can be traumatic and the last image anyone wants to carry with them into the future. Having to clean up the mess left behind makes the healing process more difficult and many people don’t have the emotional energy to do it themselves, nor do they understand the precautions that should be taken. Steri-Clean Texas is equipped to deal with suicide cleanup and we work efficiently and effectively to get the location back to how it was before the death. We understand this is a difficult time and we are discreet, compassionate, and professional from start to finish. 



The first thing that is done at the scene of a suicide is to make sure the scene is safe. This is often done by police officers who investigate the scene, but there may be a few issues that need to be handled before cleaning begins. An example would be determining whether the person had a communicable disease or not. When suicide cleaning services are performed, the team will do everything possible to keep any bacteria or contagions from spreading throughout the rest of the home or building depending on where the death occurred by setting up control zones. This technique is also performed to keep as many people away from the scene as possible so that the technicians can do their work.




While a suicide cleanup is being performed, a Steri-Clean technician might need to approach you to talk about the medical history of the person and exactly what happened. Cleaners try to talk to family members and friends with compassion as this is a time that can be very painful for everyone involved. Details need to be obtained about how long the person has been deceased and how the suicide was committed if it's not clear from the evidence presented. Technicians will usually talk to you about what is involved when suicide cleaning services are performed so that you know what to expect when you go back to the area as you might not know what kind of cleaners were used or if anything needed to be removed from the scene.




Suicide can sometimes leave behind items that are damaged. During suicide cleanup services that Steri-Clean Texas performs, removing these damaged and affected items is often included so that you can focus on healing from the pain associated with the death. The technicians will usually remove items as safely as they can in order to assure they are keeping contaminants from spreading further throughout the room as these items can sometimes harbor bacteria. Most of the time, anything that is porous, and saturated with blood or biohazards, is removed from the location, such as mattresses, blankets, flooring, and curtains. At times, sections of the wall are removed along with the floorboards. This is why the technicians try to secure the area to determine what needs to be cleaned and removed before anything else is done. The materials that are removed are disposed of with a licensed medical waste facility for proper treatment. We can also provide proof of proper disposal with regulated waste tracking documents upon request.




Once everything is removed from the scene, the process of cleaning begins. On every suicide cleanup, once the blood is removed, we apply an EPA registered disinfectant to destroy any bloodborne pathogens, communicable diseases, viruses or bacteria. The subfloor might need to be removed before the room is cleaned if any fluids seeped through. A restoration company may be called upon our completion to assist with rebuilding any structural components that were removed in the cleaning process. While this is rare, it does happen on severe blood spills.


By calling Steri-Clean you will be connected to one of our team members who can get us to your home or business in Texas fast and discreet. 


Our call center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 1-888-577-7206 

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