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Crime Scene Cleanup Texas

The prospect of having to clean up a crime scene on your premises can seem daunting due to both legal risks and biohazard safety issues. At Steri-Clean Texas, we have over 25 years of experience helping businesses and individuals return to normal after a crime takes place on property. Our team has experience working with law enforcement, and we can optionally manage effective communication with law enforcement agencies on your behalf. Most importantly, we provide maximum discretion to our clients while thoroughly cleaning up biohazardous waste and restoring damaged property.


Why Professional Crime Scene Cleanup?


Steri-Clean provides the services for crime scene cleanup Texas residents need to quickly get back on their feet after a crime takes place.


Dealing With Biohazard at Crime Scenes


Our crime scene cleanup services include the removal of all blood and biohazards, as well as the application of EPA registered disinfectants through electrostatic spray guns. This process shortens the normal time it takes to disinfect a surface. The products that we use are certified by government agencies to neutralize blood, mold.


We take responsibility for managing the entire crime scene cleanup process once you agree to work with our company. In the vast majority of cases, we can clean up a crime scene and any biohazard in a matter of hours to minimize disruptions to your life. Our team of experts at Steri-Clean has training and experience in a broad range of biohazard cleanup cases to flexibly address a comprehensive range of issues. 


The Steri-Clean Advantage


We are dedicated professionals who focus solely on biohazard cleanup.  By keeping our focus relevant to crime scene cleanup, our team is able to deliver professional advice and service quality that greatly exceeds what general providers can offer. Even after decades in business, we continue to learn new skills and techniques as technology for our industry continues to grow.


Our team fully understands your needs on a human level, and we will clean up your premises in a compassionate and non-judgmental way to make you feel good about moving forward. Another major reason why we are able to deliver the type of crime scene cleanup Texas residents need is that we provide truly compassionate services. When a crime occurs on your premises, it often makes sense to prevent neighbors, clients, and other associates from finding out about what happened. Cleanup crews may also have to enter places that are very private or potentially embarrassing. Our team understands the sensitivity it takes to enter private residences; we always maintain the utmost respect for you and your property.


Get Your Crime Scene Cleaned Up Today


In the aftermath of a crime, it is crucial to quickly take decisive action. Sensitive evidence can disappear rapidly over time, and organic matter can decompose at a rapid rate. Our company will help you to clean up the crime scene on your premises in a matter of hours in most cases. Once the problem is addressed, you can immediately start returning to normal life and repairing any emotional damage that may have been caused. To get started with putting your crisis in the past, reach out to our team to learn more about the crime scene cleanup services that we can offer. When you need professional crime scene clean up let the experts at Steri-Clean handle the job. Available 24/7 and same day service in most areas. Contact us today! 1-888-577-7206

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