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Hoarding Cleanup Services in Texas

The situation is challenging physically and emotionally. It impacts everyone involved. Whether the condition affects you, a friend or a family member, you want to connect with someone who can make a positive difference. You need discrete, compassionate hoarding cleanup in Texas.


Our team here at Steri-Clean Texas understands. We're here to help.


You Aren't Alone 


Cleaning up a hoarder's house can seem like an overwhelming job. The situation doesn't develop overnight. It often takes years for the problem to become apparent to those outside the home. Once you realize how serious it is, you're ready to address it as best you can.


You aren't alone. Many organizations help hoarders deal with emotional and mental issues as they begin recovery. There aren't easy answers, but there are productive ways the behavior can be modified.


However, cleaning, disinfecting and restoring a hoarder's home to a healthy, livable condition isn't a DIY project. You need discreet hoarding cleanup provided by industry-certified professionals. 


The Dangers of Hoarding


Don't assume the worst obstacles in a hoarder's home are piles of trash and dirty interiors. Many issues inside the house are obvious, but others are unseen and very dangerous. These are just a few of the problems addressed by our professional hoarding cleanup services.

  • Mold growth throughout the home, made worse by Texas's humidity

  • Plumbing, flooring and structural problems resulting from neglect

  • Broken appliances, damaged wiring, and a faulty electrical system

  • Impassable doors and hallways that severely isolate an individual

  • Piles of trash and debris that become fire hazards

  • Presence of dangerous bacterial and viral biohazards

  • Cross-contamination issues that lead to serious health problems

You Can Trust Our Process


When you contact our staff, we will arrange an on-site assessment at your convenience. Once we complete our inspection, we work with you to develop a discreet hoarding cleanup plan customized to the property.


Our teams proceed at a pace that keeps everyone comfortable and engaged in the process. You can be involved as much or as little as you like. Our hoarding cleanup services cover these critical jobs and much more.

  • Recovery of lost or missing items and valuables

  • Clutter, trash and furniture removal and disposal

  • Assistance with packing, boxing and moving salvaged belongings

  • Heavy appliance removal, recycling, and disposal as needed

  • Floor-to-ceiling deep house cleaning in every room

  • Biohazard material cleanup including human and animal waste

We're Fully Certified


Our experienced technicians are highly trained and fully certified in all areas of hoarder cleanup. We know how to work with you and your loved ones to make cleanup and recovery easier for everyone.


We've invested years of experience in helping people who struggle with hoarding and its aftermath. We stay in front of the latest industry technologies so that we can always provide the very best hoarding cleanup services available in Texas.


You can depend on us to follow local, state and federal regulations that apply to clean hoarder homes. We meet and exceed all standards for biohazard cleanup, disposal and property disinfecting, and we thoroughly document our work. Every member of our Steri-Clean team brings the highest levels of professionalism to the job.


We're Always Here for You


Since 1995, Steri-Clean has earned a solid reputation for helping those affected by the issues of hoarding. We genuinely care about your situation, and we're ready for your call.


Our hoarding cleanup services cover all types of properties from single-family homes to rental units and storage facilities. Regardless of the location or size of the hoarding problem, we can handle the job.

You want discreet, compassionate help. Steri-Clean is always here for you. Please give us a call today.


Our call center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 1-888-577-7206

Hoarding Cleanup Before and After Photos

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